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Elderly Man is Victim of Fatal Hit-and-Run Crash in Torrance


Ghulam Ali Khimani, 81, was killed in a Torrance pedestrian accident, which officials say, involved a hit-and-run driver. According to a KTLA news report, Khimani was walking in a crosswalk at Del Amo Boulevard and Mariner Avenue when he was fatally struck. Khimani was just down the street from a home, walking back from a prayer service at a community center when he was struck and killed, family members said. Police said the driver of the car that fatally struck Khimani did not stop at the scene. Instead the driver sped off, leaving the seriously injured man to die at the scene, officials said.

Authorities have not released a description of the suspect. Police describe the vehicle as a blue or gray, four-door Honda sedan, which is believed to have front-end damage. Investigators are asking for the public’s help to track down the hit-and-run driver. Traffic investigators are canvassing the area to find surveillance video of the incident. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Torrance police at 310-618-5557.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family members of Ghulam Ali Khimani for their tragic loss. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

What the Law States

California Vehicle Code Section 20001 (a) requires drivers who are involved in a crash to stop immediately at the scene and remain there until officials arrive. In addition, they are required to exchange pertinent information with other parties involved in the incident and most importantly, help those injured receive medical attention. This could be something as simple as calling 911 to help ensure that the injured person received prompt medical attention. In pedestrian accident cases, immediate medical help can make the difference between life and death.

Justice for Victims’ Families

In such cases, it is highly likely that the hit-and-run driver will be criminally charged. In addition, families of victims can seek financial compensation for their tremendous losses by filing a wrongful death claim against the at-fault party. If the driver is not found, they may also be able to seek and obtain compensation through the uninsured motorist clause of their auto insurance policy.

Hit-and-run cases are devastating to victims and their families at many levels – financially and emotionally. We certainly hope that the hit-and-run driver in this case is apprehended and brought to justice. Families of hit-and-run victims would be well advised to contact an experienced Los Angeles car accident lawyer who will provide them with more information about pursuing justice and their legal rights.



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