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Elder ‘Sexual’ Abuse and Neglect in San Bernardino


Larry Hoover used to be one of the managers of the Leisure Pointe Retirement Center in San BERNARDINO, and he lived at the complex with his wife. But on January 31st Hoover resigned his job and left Leisure Pointe, after admitting that he had used his master key to enter the apartments of two elderly women-then sexually assaulting them, as reported by The Press Enterprise.

Two lawsuits, which stem from Hoover’s despicable behavior, have been filed. The lawsuits are against a Salem, Oregon based company, Holiday Retirement Corporation, and allege that company knew that Hoover had been harming two elderly women-one 87 and one 101 years of age since December of 2005. And, while it is utterly unbelievable, no one called the police regarding Hoover’s abuse of these women until February 6th a full 6 days after Hoover resigned his job on January 31st. In fact, after complaints by the women’s care givers to another one of the managers, that manager failed to do anything but order Hoover to stay in his own apartment-he did not call the police! While San BERNARDINO police are still investigating these cases, Hoover has not been charged.

Now Leisure Pointe Retirement Center has also been issued a type ‘A’ citation, the most serious type of citation, but not for the sexual abuse, but because officials allege that Leisure Pointe Retirement Center is caring for residents without a license, according to The Press Enterprise.

However, Five Star Quality Care, the new owners of Leisure Pointe Retirement Center, says that its facility is an independent living facility, which does not require a license. Maybe Five Star should read their own web site, as it clearly indicates that Leisure Pointe Retirement Center, “ an ideal setting for active seniors who want to focus on the things most enjoyed in life, but yet who also want to have assistance available, should it be needed.”

According to a report done by the County Welfare Directors Association in 2006, elder abuse is ‘grossly under reported’ and on the rise. And, while a new California law requires banks and credit union employees to report any suspected financial abuse of a senior to Adult Protective Services or law enforcement, a lack of adequate funding means all programs have fewer resources to respond to increased reports of abuse and neglect of an ever-growing elder population, as reported by the Oroville Mercury Register.

We are not currently representing any of the present or former residence of Leisure Pointe, but we’d like to be. Despicable behavior of a manger and Leisure Pointe’s failure to guard against, discover, warn and immediately call in the police to investigate and prosecute is even more despicable. Leisure Pointe and the people behind the corporate shell should all be prosecuted criminally and civilly.

Have question about pursuing a case against a nursing home, assisting living center or “independent living facility, call me. I’ll be glad to answer your questions. John Bisnar, 800-259-6373.

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