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Eight Injured in Los Angeles after Car Crashes into a Starbucks


At least seven people were injured in a two-car crash resulted in one of the vehicles crashing into a Starbucks in Valley Glen. According to a KTLA news report, the initial crash took place in the 12900 block of West Victory Boulevard, at the intersection of Coldwater Canyon the afternoon of July 20, 2017. Officials say a blue car was traveling west on Victory and was trying to make a left turn onto Coldwater when it collided with a red Chevrolet.

The red car spun out and crashed into the nearby Starbucks, which is located on the southeast corner of the busy intersection. Eight people inside the Starbucks were injured including three who were transported to a local hospital with injuries that were not life threatening. The remaining five patients were treated at the scene. Neither of the drivers was injured in the collision. The crash also caused an unknown amount of structural damage to the Starbucks store, fire officials said. The investigation is ongoing.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was injured in this crash. We wish them the very best for a speedy and complete recovery.

Left Turn Law

Based on this news report, it appears that the initial crash occurred when one of the vehicles was attempting a left turn at the intersection. It is unclear if the left-turning vehicle failed to yield the right of way to the other vehicle.

California Vehicle Code Section 21801 (a) states: “The driver of a vehicle intending to turn to the left or to complete a U-turn upon a highway, or to turn left into public or private property, or an alley, shall yield the right-of-way to all vehicles approaching from the opposite direction which are close enough to constitute a hazard at any time during the turning movement, and shall continue to yield the right-of-way to the approaching vehicles until the left turn or U-turn can be made with reasonable safety.”

Liability Issues

In such cases, the at-fault driver can be held liable for the injuries, damages and losses. Injured victims can seek compensation for damages including medical expenses, lost wages, hospitalization, permanent injuries, disabilities, pain and suffering and emotional distress. Injured victims would also be well advised to contact an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who will stay abreast of the official investigation and ensure that your legal rights and best interests are protected.

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