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Dog Attack Round-Up


Here is a brief compilation of dog bite incidents and dog attacks from all over the country.

Vicious dog attack: A man in Wapato, Wash. reportedly lost his leg in a vicious dog attack and is still recovering from his injuries. According to an article in KIMA TV’s Web site, Lew Yallup was initially taken to the intensive care unit, but is now in satisfactory condition. The attack occurred when a pack of dogs attacked Yallup as he picked up cans on a city street. The dog owner faces four years in jail for the attack on Yallup and could pay up to $20,000 in penalties.

Rottweiler attack: A 6-year-old North Carolina boy had to undergo surgery after he was bitten by a neighbor’s Rottweiler, according to this news article. The boy, who was not named, was bitten in the face, neck and leg when he was playing in the neighbor’s backyard during a party with another child. The neighbor reportedly shot and killed the dog before police arrived.

Woman loses eye: A Nashville lost an eye when a pit-bull bit her as she bent down to pick up her purse. According to WSMV-TV’s Web site, officials said the dog was not safe to have out in the community. The woman, who was not identified, had to get 200 stitches to close the cuts from the bites on her face.

Man shoots pit-bull: A man in Tamarac, Fla. shot and killed a pit-bull after the dog reportedly got loose and attacked him, according to this NBC news report. Paulo Jean, 35, was taken to a hospital after police said the pit-bull named Trouble bit Jean on both arms and rear end. The owner says he put the dog in a cage and doesn’t know how it got out.

Girl survives attack: A 9-year-old girl was lucky to be alive after a loose pit-bull attacked her after she got off her school bus. Cierra Anyaso had to get more than 30 stitches and is said to be recovering well. The owner has already apologized to the girl’s family for the incident. Officials are investigating the incident.

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