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Defective Cruise Control Switch in Ford Expedition Causes Fatal Ohio Fire


A defective 2001 Ford Expedition parked in a homeowner’s carport may have been the cause of a fire in Madison County, Ohio, which killed a woman and her two children, according to an in-depth investigative report in consumer watchdog Web site, According to Peter Romans, the man who tragically lost his wife and children in this fire, the fire started in his Ford sport utility vehicle, which was parked in the car port.

The 2001 Ford Expedition, whish is suspected for sparking off this lethal fire, was included in Ford Motor Company’s recall of 9.6 million vehicles said to have been equipped with a defective cruise control switch. These faulty switches could cause a vehicle fire at any time, according to a report by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. The Ford recall, which started nearly three years ago, is still dragging on because of its magnitude and failure on the part of regulators to keep up with it, the article states.

In fact, has been reporting on this problem for years now, with numerous Web site viewers complaining about their “flaming Fords,” which erupted into flames without warning. Many were able to escape without major injuries, but this family in Ohio wasn’t as fortunate. The vehicles recalled because of the defective cruise control switches spanned 21 vehicle models between the years 1993 and 2003. The article states that about 5 million vehicles have been repaired so far, which leaves 5 million more with the faulty switches, vehicles that are nothing but time bombs waiting to go off at any time.

Ford officials have themselves admitted that parts shortage has delayed repairs of these defective products. They’ve even offered temporary solutions such as disconnecting the cruise control system in the recalled vehicles. What’s more, the warnings and recall notices have come too late for many owners, who have already lost their homes, property or their loved ones in these fires.

This is not only outrageous, but unacceptable. As personal injury attorneys who have been butting heads with Ford time and time again, we know and understand Ford’s track record when it comes to putting defective products in the market. They did it with their unstable Explorers and Expeditions with weak roofs that hurt a lot of consumers. Now, these faulty cruise control switches are once again wreaking havoc on people’s lives. This is an auto maker that needs to be held responsible for the bad products it offers to unsuspecting consumers.

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