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Crash Injures One in Costa Mesa


July 30, 2012-Costa Mesa, CA-A single car crash on Bristol Street brought out repair crews and left a driver injured late Thursday afternoon, according to ABC News sources.

Costa Mesa Police said that a single passenger vehicle struck a pole on Bristol Street just past Red Hill Avenue around 4:00 p.m. The driver was taken to an area hospital with undisclosed but non-life-threatening injuries. The crash left over 100 people without power while crews worked to repair the damage.

Police have not determined the cause of the accident but are investigating. Any witnesses are asked to give information to the Costa Mesa Police Department.
My sincere wishes for a speedy recover go out to the victim in this crash.

Accident Statistics

Single car accidents make up about one in three car accidents in the United States, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. While most of these accidents occur at intersections, others occur when a driver loses control of a vehicle or runs off the road due to driver error or a defensive maneuver. At least 34 percent of all fatal vehicle accidents are directly attributable to driver error.

What Happened In This Accident

Police have not yet released any information about the cause of this accident, but it seems likely that the driver lost control of his or her vehicle for some reason. It remains to be determined if the driver lost control due to drunk driving, a defensive or avoidance maneuver to prevent a collision, or through some other cause. If the driver was forced to run off the road by another driver or by an obstruction, it is possible that the driver of the accident car will not be charged with the accident and that someone else will bear the responsibility.

Liability Issues

While the victim may well be responsible for his or her own injuries, a great deal will depend on whether the driver was induced to leave the road by someone else’s actions or negligence. If the driver had to swerve to avoid an oncoming car, for instance, that driver could be held responsible for the accident. An Orange County car accident attorney should follow the police investigation closely to determine the reason for the single car crash and if there is ultimately any liability on the part of another driver or the governmental agency in charge of the road’s maintenance.

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