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Clergy Abuse of Adults – Predator Catholic Priest


The majority of victims of clergy sexual abuse are women, not young boys. Many of these women hesitate to discuss their experiences because of shame and the paralyzing belief that they somehow “deserved it”. These statements are taken from Peggy Warren’s website where she tells her story of manipulation and sexual abuse at the hands of her Catholic priest.
Peggy and her husband, Bret Warren, tell their story of “…lies, deceit, corruption, cover-up, double talk, reverse accusations, forgetfulness, back stabbing, hate and pure bull—-, all from the Catholic Church, more specifically the Diocese of Wichita…” on their website, designed to broadcast their story and be a resource for other abused women. It is a story of a predatory Catholic priest operating in Wichita, Kansas and the havoc his actions wrecked on the Warren family. It is the story of a clergyman, Nicholas Voelker, acting out his own issues and taking advantage of his position of trust to sexually assault a parishioner and how the Catholic Church hierarchy handled it.

Read our interview of Peggy Warren “Adult Victims of Clergy Abuse — They Suffer in Silence”.

Even though I have represented clergy abuse victims and seen the similarities of their stories and how the abuse experience has wrecked havoc in their lives, I was not aware of the frequency of sexual and physiological abuse adult women have suffered at the hands of priests, pastors, rabbis and other men operating as “men of God”. Growing up as a Catholic school kid, my mother never understood why I didn’t trust the priests. As a primary school kid, I knew something wasn’t right with a few priests that had their favorite parishioners, be they boys or women.

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