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Can You Trust An Insurance Adjuster After An Accident?


A number of victims who have been injured in California car accidents proceed with their insurance adjuster under the impression that the adjuster is there to help them. This is a misconception that can significantly hurt your claim. The cold reality is that the adjusters are not your friend. In fact, the insurance adjuster will get promoted, and receive bonuses based on how much money he can save the company by withholding money from you.

Beware Of Adjusters’ Traps

Use caution when dealing with an insurance adjuster. An adjuster’s act of being kind is just that, an act. This is one of many tricks they have been trained to use. Do not fall into their traps. Be careful what you say as well. Some adjusters will record your statements and use it against you (sometimes out of context). Make notes of all conversations with the adjuster. Do not volunteer any information … it will be used against you … no matter how insignificant. Tell the truth. Do not exaggerate your losses, this is a sure way to destroy your credibility and give the adjuster more reason to short change you. An insurance claim is not a lottery win. It is designed to compensate you for your losses, not to fund your retirement.

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

If your accident has left you with catastrophic injury it is in your best interest to hire an experienced California personal injury lawyer to battle with the insurance adjuster. An insurance company is a for profit organization. Insurance adjusters have been well trained by the insurance company to settle your claim as low as possible. Every dollar they save the company is another dollar of profit for their share holders.

The Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys personal injury lawyers have the experience, resources, and track record to ensure you receive the maximum recovery for your car accident. We have a 97.4% success rate and specialize in personal injury claims. If you have suffered from catastrophic injury please call for a free consultation. Be sure to ask about our no fee guarantee.

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