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California Truck Accidents May Be Reduced With New Measure


The US government recently reported plans to increase truck driver’s wages iin a new effort to reduce fatalities due to common truck accident causes. A road safety remuneration tribunal will be set forth July of next year.

Truck accidents cost the economy 2.7 billion dollars last year. Studies have shown that lower rates for paying truck drivers have caused an increase in risk-taking behavior.

Common causes of truck accidents include over-worked or fatigued drivers who have a lack of adequate sleep or rest, and truck driver negligence or distracted driving such as texting and driving. Hit-and-run truck accidents, and driving under the influence of alcohol, methamphetamines or other drugs to keep them awake are also quite common. Truck defects are yet another cause that causes accidents.

According to the 2000 census, trucking collisions accounted for 98,000 hours of traffic nationwide. Over $700 billion was made in trucking revenues this past year. These statistics do not make sense, as with these huge profit margins, truck companies still place unrealistic deadlines on their employers which cause them to feel pressured to keep their occupations. They speed, lose sleep, or use drugs such as meth to meet these dangerous requests.

Often trucking companies in California do not maintain their trucks adequately which may cause tire blowout or other defective or poorly maintained truck parts to cause a truck driver to lose control of his or her vehicle. They also overwork the drivers which cause them to resort to the use of stimulants and other uppers to stay awake when they are sleep deprived. This is all to maintain profits in the industry, yet results in preventable truck accidents nation-wide. Call the California truck accident attorneys today for help with your truck accident case. They can help with over 30 years of experience getting compensation to victims like yourself.

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