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Brian Chase Speaks with FOX 11 Ten O’Clock News, Los Angeles About the Dangers of Defective Automobile Seats


Top California personal injury and auto defects lawyer, Brian Chase, will appear on Los Angeles’ FOX 11 Ten O’Clock News Thursday night. He will be discussing defective seats in automobiles as part of a special report. The program is scheduled to air on the 10pm broadcast.

Brian Chase, of the law firm Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys (, has represented many victims of auto defects, giving him a great deal of experience in the realm of defective auto parts and, specifically, defective seats.

One of his cases against Johnson Controls represents a woman who sustained catastrophic head and spinal injuries in a 2006 accident.The woman was rear-ended at a Pasadena, California intersection when her seatback collapsed backwards, causing her to slip from underneath her seatbelt and shoulder harnesses and strike the rear passenger seat. Her injuries have left her as an incomplete quadriplegic.

Another accident involving a defective seatback took the life of a seven-year-old girl. A woman was driving a Ford vehicle with her daughter sitting in the seat directly behind her, when she was rear-ended at less than 30 MPH. The driver’s defective seat collapsed and fell backwards, striking her daughter. The young girl sustained fatal injuries in the accident. Brian Chase led the lawsuit against Ford Motor Company on behalf of the victims, and a settlement has been reached.

During taping of the news report, Brian talked about the inadequacy of a 40-year seatback manufacturing standard called FMVSS 207, which has done little to ensure the protection of occupants of vehicles involved in low-impact rear-end collisions. Brian has learned that seatbacks can collapse at speeds as low as 20 MPH, allowing unexpected, serious injuries to be inflicted upon passengers.

Brian also discussed side-by-side crash tests run by Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys which show rigid seatback designs to be far safer than the “softer” designs being used by most automobile manufacturers right now.

Watch Brian on the FOX news report on Thursday night at 10pm to learn more about auto defects. The news segment will also be available on the Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys website.

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