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Bisnar Chase Files Seat Back Defect Lawsuit Against Nissan Motor Company


Last week, we filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Nissan Motor Company alleging that the auto maker knowingly designed and manufactured the 2000 Nissan Frontier with defective and unsafe seats and seat backs. Our client, Jaklin Mikhal Romine suffered major injuries after the Frontier’s driver’s seat broke during a rear-end traffic collision in Pasadena, rendering her a paraplegic.

Jaklin was stopped at a red light at the intersection of Corson Street and Lake Avenue when another vehicle hit her truck from behind. The impact of the collision pushed her vehicle into the one in front of her. During the accident, her driver’s seat broke, sent her hurtling backward toward the rear seat cushions. Her seat back collapsed and her head was pushed into the rear passenger compartment causing severe head, neck and spinal injuries.

We’ve represented numerous clients who have been injured themselves or have lost a loved one as a result of seat back failure. In most of these cases, it’s not a high speed collision. Most of them are fender benders where you wouldn’t expect severe injuries. But because of the defective seatbacks, what should not have been a major injury crash turns into one, causing severe trauma and heartache for those involved. We are seeking compensation for medical expenses, loss of earnings as well as “pain and suffering” on behalf of our client.

This horrible accident and severe personal injury could have easily been prevented had Nissan used simple and available methods to correct these seat back defects. As my partner Brian Chase puts it, Nissan advertises in its sales literature that their products are “innovative” and “tough.” But they did nothing to improve these seat backs although they knew very well that they were weak and defective.

Nissan must be held responsible for our client’s paralysis. She has been reduced to a condition where she will never be the same again. Her interactions with family and friends will be limited. Her social life is now non-existent. And she will never be able to work again. Here is another in a long list of auto makers that put profits ahead of consumer safety. And we’re going to fight for our client and make sure she gets the compensation she rightfully deserves.

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