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Bicycle Accidents in Burbank on the Rise


The city of Burbank has a growing concern regarding bicycle accidents and personal injury in the city. Based on the number of complaints from the public, police are worried that the increase is in part a result of cyclist behavior, such as running red lights. This isn’t the only cause of the accidents as motorists are responsible for many as well, but regardless, there is a problem and it needs to be addressed.

Over the last two years, the number of bicycle accidents has skyrocketed. Through October of this year, police have responded to 32 injury bike collisions – more than in all of 2007, when there were 24, and nearly as many as the 33 reported in 2008, Lt. J.J. Puglisi said.

The economy and rising fuel prices are a huge part of this epidemic. Many more people are commuting to work using bicycles because many of Burbank’s citizens simply don’t want to pay $4 per gallon to fill up their cars. It’s a dual purpose when you consider our country and state’s push to go green.

On the Chandler bike path, which is increasingly popular, the concerns of cyclists focused on path crossings at high-traffic intersections, such as at California and Keystone streets. Other areas are becoming increasingly congested as well, and officials aren’t entirely sure what to do.

Right of Way

The biggest cause of these accidents is confusion over the right of way on the roads. Many people aren’t aware that bicycles are considered vehicles under California law and have the same right to use the roads. When motorists and cyclists jockey for position and fight each other on the roads, accidents are inevitable.

Puglisi said that although he supports the health benefits of cycling – and taking more cars off the road – bike riders need to be aware of the vulnerabilities.

If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident in Burbank, please give us a call at 1-800-259-6373 to discuss your accident and receive a free consultation about legal action you can take against the guilty party. Nobody should be injured on our roads, and we’re here to help.

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