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Auto Defect Lawyers Attain 24.7 Million Dollar Verdict for Client


The last few years have been a free-for-all for auto product liability attorneys; Toyota put out the faulty gas pedals, Mazda has been cited for brake defects and General Motors has recalled several Buick and Impala models for safety issues. With all of the defective auto parts that are getting so much press these days, it seems strange that the ones that have been causing the most damage have been in vehicles for many years, sitting dormant until a tragic circumstance evokes it’s defective design. Jaklin Romine experienced one of these deadly auto defects first hand, but has now gained a form of closure as she attained a level of justice in the form of a substantial verdict.

Dangerous SeatBack Failures

The defective auto product that Jaklin experienced is no secret, many cases have been tried in the past for this same malfunction, but seldom have the manufacturers had to pay the price that should come with negligently creating deadly products. Jaklin was stopped at an intersection when her fateful crash occurred, one that will never be forgotten nor will the suffering endured ever be compensated.

In Pasadena, California, Jaklin was involved in a rear-end collision while stopped at an intersection. Jaklin’s seat broke and collapsed backwards, allowing her body to submarine rearward underneath her seatbelt and shoulder restraint. Her head struck the back of the rear passenger seat, causing her to sustain severe injuries that permanently paralyzed her.

The manufacturer of the defective seats, Johnson Controls, was legally responsible for the design, manufacture and sale of the defective seat and therefore liable for damages because of its defects. Jaklin’s attorneys, the Newport Beach law firm Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys, successfully tried her case and she was recently awarded 24.7 million dollars. Although Jaklin received a substantial settlement, nothing can replace what was taken from her.

Too often, manufacturer’s place their profit above the safety of their consumers. Many times the defective part could have easily been fixed, but the manufacturers do not want to spend the extra time and/or money to fix the problem. In Jaklin’s case she was awarded a level of justice, but many others are not so lucky.

California Products Liability Attorneys

Although Jaklin suffered immensely, she was fortunate enough to have found a law firm that was able to defend her in court and ultimately receive a huge verdict. If you or a loved one were injured as a result of a defective auto part or product, it is in your best interest to obtain legal assistance. Contact the Bisnar and Chase California products liability lawyers today for a free professional evaluation of your case by attorneys who have experience taking these auto manufacturing giants to court.

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