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Amusement Park Accident Severs Teens Legs


A 13-year-old girl whose legs were severed above the ankles as she rode on the Superman Tower of Power thrill ride at the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, is in stable condition, but her left foot is just too severely damaged to repair, according to an article posted on MSNBC’s Web site. However, doctors were able to reattach her right foot.

Kaitlyn Lasitter’s feet were lopped off by a broken cable in the ride, investigators with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture said. The investigation into the June 21 incident is ongoing. The state has also been trying to find out what caused the cable to break in the ride. Investigators are reportedly getting statements from eyewitnesses, reviewing statements and sorting through physical evidence and photographs of the scene.

Officials say the ride was most recently inspected on April 5 and inspectors found it was operating normally. The same ride also reportedly passed inspections over the last four years. The ride apparently lifts thrill seekers 177 feet straight up and then drops them nearly the same distance, with speeds reaching up to 54 miles per hour. As a safety precaution, Six Flags officials say they have shut down similar rides in their other parks so they can carry out inspections to ensure their safety.

This is in fact the season for enjoying amusement parks. Unfortunately, it also means that it’s the season for more accidents and more injuries. California is the land of amusement parks and every year, we hear about a new ride that climbs and drops faster, travels higher and scares its thrill-seeking passengers more than the last. Most people don’t hear about the injuries in amusement parks that range from broken bones and lost limbs to brain injury, paralysis and death. The parks do a very good job of keeping injuries out of the news.

There are many reasons why these injuries occur; usually it comes down to a negligent rider or park negligence. Park negligence can include negligent design, maintenance and/or operation of the ride. The designers of the ride can also be held civilly liable.

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