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3 Steps to Find The Right California Personal Injury Lawyer For You


So many California personal injury law firms write about recent California product defects or traffic accidents, outlining reasons why a personal injury lawyer may be the right way to get the money that you need. But how can you be sure that you are working with the right California law firm? We intend to help you learn how to find a personal injury lawyer for your case. There are five steps you need to take.

1) Choose a firm that takes California personal injury cases and has a track record
You wouldn’t go to a pediatrician if your elderly mother suffered a fall. So don’t go to a California law firm that doesn’t focus its practice on personal injury law. Past results may not mean that your case is successful, but they indicate a level of experience that can improve your odds of getting the results you want. Ask for prior case results; a California lawyer with no experience can still take your case if you let him or her.

2) Narrow down firms that have the ability to fund your personal injury case
The top California law firms that take personal injury cases have the money and the assets to hire the right experts to explain what happened in your situation, whether it’s an accident reconstruction expert or a doctor of pharmacology. It’s rare that a personal injury law firm will require client funding, and it can be a red flag.

3) Are you comfortable talking to the personal injury law firm staff and attorneys?

The people you meet with on your first day are members of the team that will help you try and find a legal and monetary remedy. They are also the people that will help you and loved ones prepare for a trial, going through witness preparation and pre-trial preparation. Since you may have to talk about painful experiences, being comfortable with the legal team you’ll be working with is critical to being successful with a personal injury case.

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