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14 Year-Old Teen Dies In Wrongful Death Incident


According to KSL, a 14 year-old from Tremonton, Utah passed away after being shot in the face with a miniature replica cannon. The cannon was designed for displays only and not meant to fire projectiles. This unfortunate event began with two boys handling a replica of an 18th Century Naval cannon, yet it quickly descended into a wrongful death Utah. Our condolences go out to this family and friends of this young teen. This situation is a great example of when hiring a wrongful death attorney is appropriate.

Wrongful Deaths and Accident Books

Unfortunately, wrongful death incidents occur throughout our nation every day. Though extremely painful in its own right, the consequences of a wrongful death can be aggravated if the legal aspects are not handled in an appropriate manner. There are two specific facts one must remember if you should ever have to deal with such a situation. Most importantly, it is imperative that you understand the statue of limitations when filing a law suit given that time limits could vary between each case. A statute of limitations implies that a legal suit must be filed within a certain period of time following the event, or the case is no longer valid, and a wrongful death has its own statutes. Secondly, knowing who the state of Utah deems as the legal heir is also beneficial. For the most part, Utah defines a legal heir as the husband/wife, children, parents, and/or any remaining blood relative. If there happens to be a step-child who is financially dependant on the deceased, then they too are considered as a legal heir.

There is much more information provided for those who find themselves involved in such a situation. The Christensen Law Firm offers free accident books to assist in you in beginning a law suit when a wrongful death occurs. In addition, as attorneys on your case we offer individual attention, taking care of your legal needs, so you are able to concentrate your efforts on yourself as well as all those affected by the incident. For a copy of one of our free accident books, call 1-800 LAW BOOK.

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