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San Jose Pedestrian Accident Injures Woman


Crystal Gail Bowerman, a 29-year-old San Jose woman allegedly caused an auto collision that critically injured a 76-year-old woman, according to an article in The Mercury News.

The San Jose pedestrian accident happened as Bowerman, who was in a white Ford Explorer eastbound on the Capitol Expressway, ran a red light at the Silver Creek Road and Capitol Expressway intersection and hit another sport-utility vehicle (SUV), which had the green light. The impact sent the SUV that had the right-of-way crashing into the woman on the crosswalk. Jermaine Thomas, a police spokesman said the injured woman, who was not identified in the report, remains in a serious condition at a nearby hospital. Bowerman has been arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

My deepest sympathies are with the pedestrian who was injured in this Capital Expressway intersection accident. There is no doubt in my mind that the driver who ran the red light will be held fully responsible in this San Jose crosswalk collision. A person trying to cross any road, even one without a crosswalk most likely will have the right-of-way. Here, the pedestrian clearly was crossing responsibly in a marked crosswalk and had the right-of-way according to the California Vehicle Code 21950.

The family of the injured victim would benefit greatly by consulting with an expert California personal injury attorney. An independent and immediate investigation is crucial to find the exact location of the victim at the moment of impact and document all available evidence at the accident site.

Please visit the DMV’s Web site to read more about Pedestrians’ Rights and Duties.

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