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Motorcyclist dies in PCH accident


A Pacific Coast Highway multiple auto accident last Sunday in Laguna Beach killed motorcycle rider Bruce Gold, 61, according to a report in the The Orange County Register.

Gold was headed south on Route 1 that morning when he hit a car that came across from the northbound lane near the Montage Resort Drive intersection. The unidentified male driver of the northbound car had hit another car that was waiting in a left turn lane just moments earlier. The auto crash also caused the only other injury – to the male driver.

My deepest condolences and sympathies are of course with the families of the accident victims. From the reader comments posted following the new article it is clear Gold was a much loved and respected member of his community. The comments also describe that while an official investigation is in progress and a lot of information is still needed, the statement made by Sgt. Louise Callus of the Laguna Beach Police Department is very interesting. Callus is quoted by the report saying the male driver had somehow lost control and crashed his vehicle.

I’m a California motorcycle accident attorney and have handled numerous motorcycle and automobile accident cases. I know that if an independent investigation is conducted, the exact cause of the accident will be found. A wreck such as this can happen for a number of reasons. The car driver could have been driving at an unsafe speed or made a wrong decision. The car’s mechanical equipment could have been faulty and failed at a crucial time. The driver’s ability and skills might have been impaired. The conditions of the road itself could have contributed to the crash.

The family here would be well advised to consult an experienced local attorney in an effort to understand the reasons for this tragic incident.

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