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The Importance of a Medical Exam After An Auto Accident


Here is a story that tells us how important it is to get checked out by a doctor after you have been involved in an auto accident. According to an article in the Eureka Times-Standard, a 29-year-old man who was involved in a motorcycle accident and was found dead hours after the crash, died from his accident injuries.

The article states that Lawrence Friedman was in a motorcycle accident the afternoon of April 19. Officials suspect he did not realize the extent of his injuries and decided to go out with his friends to a party Saturday night. Officials, based on witness reports and investigations, believe that Friedman collapsed in front of his home after returning from the party sometime late April 20 or early morning on April 21. He was reportedly found dead on his front lawn by a delivery person.

Now officials are saying that the cause of Friedman’s death may well have been the result of injuries he sustained in that motorcycle accident. Autopsy results apparently show that he had injuries consistent with an auto accident including a ruptured spleen and lacerated lung. And according to the coroner quoted in the Times-Standard article, people who suffer a ruptured spleen can bleed out for 24 to 48 hours before succumbing to the injury.

This is a tragic case. As personal injury attorneys, we talk to clients often who tell us they don’t feel much right after the incident, but days later start experiencing pain. This is particularly true of whiplash, back and other neck injuries. Victims of auto accidents may even decline treatment on the accident scene thinking they are not hurt. And most times, it is not a fatal injury. But unfortunately in this case it was and it simply shows the importance of getting checked out by a medical professional after an accident, no matter how you may feel at that time or soon after the accident.

We hope the victim’s family finds the answers to the many questions they may have at this time. Details of the motorcycle accident are sketchy at best. Who caused the accident or who is to blame for the crash? How did it occur? The person who caused the crash could be held liable for Friedman’s death. Friedman’s family should retain a motorcycle injury law firm to help sort out all the details and hold the negligent party responsible.

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