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Michigan Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | Preventing Bike Accident Injuries

motorcycle accident The best Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers can tell you of the dangers associated with riding a motorcycle. The injuries suffered in these accidents many of times result in very catastrophic injuries. Although, there are different views on whether or not helmets do protect the safety of the biker, we would like to share with you some interesting statistics reported by the Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC).

  • Helmets are estimated to prevent 37 percent of fatal motorcycle injuries for motorcycle riders (operators)
  • Helmets are estimated to prevent 41 percent of fatal injuries for motorcycle passengers.
  • Helmets saved over 1,800 rider’s lives in 2008

Wearing a motorcycle helmet may or may not help prevent less serious injuries to the motorcyclist injured in the motorcycle accident; however, reports do show that there are benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet. These benefits include:

  • Reduced risk of head injury by 69%
  • Can improve hearing, by reducing wind noise.
  • Help prevent eye injury from debris on the road

Hospital visits tend to be lengthier for riders who did not wear a helmet. In addition, they are likely to suffer from a head injury by 40 percent. In fact, motorcycle crash-related injuries and deaths totaled $12 billion in medical care costs and productivity losses in one year.

When in a motorcycle accident make sure to immediately call for medical help, contact the police, exchange information with the other driver(s) involved, contact your insurance company, take pictures of the accident, and call a Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer. Following these tasks will help ensure compensation for the damages done if the other driver is determined to be at-fault.

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